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Significant Savings Seen Using Refurbished Electrical Components

In order to be successful in business, we need to be a tad prudent with how money is spent or re-invested into the business and purchasing. Is purchasing a new piece of electrical equipment the best investment, or does capitalizing on an opportunity to purchase quality refurbished electrical components at a significant savings make a viable economic sense?

Pros and Cons

Buying refurbished electrical components has its pros and cons. The pros, it is a great way to save money and in most cases the brand name equipment are built to last. Cons, it can mean money down the drain only when you don’t buy the electrical component from a reputable source and you could end up with an item that is even more damaged or missing integral parts.

Surplus electrical components can come from a few locations:

  • Assets are recovered from manufacturing plants that are closing. The surplus electrical components are then refurbished and sold at a discount.
  • Assets can be recovered from machines that are being disposed of but still have working components. Resulting in one of two situations, the components are refurbished and resold or the entire machine is refurbished.

While one of the benefits of buying reconditioned electrical components is that the items are generally set at a significantly lower price and some equipment contractors will accept returns if an item is ‘defective,’ the down side to this is that you will not get a manufacturer’s warranty.

What Does Reconditioned Mean?

Reconditioned electrical are components that are being repurposed.  They can’t be passed or sold as brand-new products but are instead reconditioned. Whether they are damaged or not, reconditioned electrical components also known as ‘remanufactured’ electrical components are completely disassembled and restored if need be in order to ensure that they perform as expected.

Therefore, before bidding on refurbished electrical components online, there are a few things to keep in mind and if possible ask questions about the item on sale. If it’s a refurbished electrical component be sure to ask about the companies return policies.

Be Cautious Where You Get Refurb Parts From

For a refurbished electrical component, beware of as it may arrive in worse conditions than the actual online photos however you are guaranteed of its safety and reliability. With most resellers and reconditioning companies, you will not be stuck with a defective refurbished electrical component if it is in fact not the right component to fix your machines issue.  An ad may give you all the specifics about the item you are about to purchase and check the seller’s feedback and buyers’ recommendations.  It is important to buy from reputable companies.  This helps to ensure that the reconditioned components that you are purchasing are as good as brand-new OEM electrical parts.

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The Importance of Using Refurbished Electrical Components

Most of the industry experts these days are looking forward to being able to use refurbished electrical equipment and replacement components on their manufacturing lines. Although many people have misconceptions about using refurbished components such as transformers, bus ducts, panel switches, circuit breakers, and such however the truth is that reconditioned machines and components offer a variety of benefits for your workplace.

Importance of using refurbished electrical components can be highlighted from below points:

Reduced cost:

One of the biggest benefits of using refurbished electrical component at industrial processing is that they are cheaper as compared to other identical solutions. The components that come after refurbishing process usually have low selling price irrespective of the reason why manufacturer renewed it. It will help you to save somewhere between 25 to 50 percent on your component purchase.

They come out of rigorous inspection process:

Components that are available at lower price range does not mean to present lower quality. Instead, the refurbished components undergo the more careful testing process. It doesn’t matter what wrong happened to the product before refurbishing process, manufacturers always prefer to follow careful inspection to ensure the best performance. It means you will be able to buy many superior components at the lower price range.

Ease in availability:

Most of the components get obsolete from the market with time and if some specific product lines need them it becomes a challenging task to find the lot again. But the surplus components are the best choice to find components of such limited lots. On time availability of these difficult to find components will help you to avoid downtimes at your workplace. Most of the refurbished products are generally available with same day shipping service.

They come with a warranty:

Just because you are buying Surplus Electrical Components for your product assembly lines, it doesn’t mean that they will not last long. As per market reviews, the refurbished components usually have more life and they also come with a warranty. Most of the manufacturers offer around 12 months warranty on their refurbished component collections so you can find them a trustworthy solution for your industry. Most of these components are certified that they will work safely and same as original ones.

The biggest benefit of buying refurbished components is that you can get services for parts that are outdated, and their production is stopped by the original manufacturer. If you are planning to repair your old pieces of electrical equipment and need same components for replacement, the surplus collection is the best choice to keep working without facing any trouble.

To ensure safe purchase of refurbished components, you must check the policy of the company. It is important to look for a vendor that ensures quality refurbishing of components with safe cleaning process including proper analysis, testing and rigorous inspections. The price range of refurbished components also varies company to company, so it is good to check with various vendors and compare their prices to ensure the best buy services. Once you can find a right seller that guarantees safe operation of refurbished components, you can use them safely at your manufacturing lines.

Learn more about J & P Electrical Company and their vast line of new, surplus, and refurbished industrial electrical components including: circuit breakers, bus ducts, bus plugs, disconnects, fuses, panel switches, tap boxes, and transformers at  To contact one of our product reconditioning specialists call 877.844.5514 today.

Safely Refurbishing Manufacturing Equipment after a Flood

Flooding can cause much devastation.  One of them being the ability to ruin the workability of electrical equipment. Manufacturing equipment is much like any other electrical equipment in the way it reacts to water flooding inside its circuits. If you are the owner of such machinery, and it has been hit by a flood or any other water spill, then you don’t need to worry because you have an option to refurbish these electrical components.

Reconditioned electrical components can save you from spending extra money on buying new equipment. Also, it can save your time because installation of new equipment and getting it working just like the previous one can be hard.

However, manufacturing equipment requires prudent considerations in order to safely refurbish them. Let us go through these considerations.

  • Assess the damage

The first thing before even considering repairing or refurbishing any electrical component is to check the extent of the water damage that it has received. In order to do that, you would need to gather all the information that you have about the equipment. That information can include all the pertinent drawings and documentation that had come with the instrument.

Once you have that information, you can either yourself do the inspection or have a specialized team to do it. Too often, an electrical component is well insulated by the manufacturers against any water intrusions. Thus, through valuable knowledge about the machinery and the assessment of the damage, one can get an idea if it needs to be repaired.

  • Never try plugging the equipment

Water has electrical properties. When it seeps inside an electrical component, it floods all the circuits therein. If the component is running when it experiences water seepage, then it can result in short circuits. Alternatively speaking, if equipment is turned on after it has received water seepage, then it can still cause short circuits. Either way, the machinery is damaged, and thus, whether equipment is on or off before the flood, you should never plug them into the electrical socket to see if they are working.

  • Leave the equipment for drying

As we said before, you should never plug in the manufacturing equipment in electricity socket. What you should do is let them get dried. Nobody should be allowed to get near to it unless some decision is reached on whether the equipment should be completely removed or its individual parts are taken out for refurbishing.

  • Hire refurbishing professionals

What we talked about in the above paragraphs are main considerations on the part of the owner and the operators of the manufacturing equipment. However, when it comes to repairing the equipment after flooding, proper refurbishing professionals should be hired.

These professionals know the working of equipment and also the makeup of its complex circuits. They can guide you better regarding whether the components should be completely renewed or repaired.

Refurbished electrical components can work just like they used to when they weren’t damaged. Some people have a fear in their hearts regarding these reconditioned electrical components. However, they should know that the repairers are there to bring a damage component to life without compromising its workability.

Learn more about J & P Electrical Company and their vast line of new, surplus, and refurbished industrial electrical components including: circuit breakers, bus ducts, bus plugs, disconnects, fuses, panel switches, tap boxes, and transformers at  To contact one of our product reconditioning specialists call 877.844.5514 today.


Purchasing Reconditioned Electrical Components over New Surplus

Whether you are having your electrical devices fixed or giving them a whole new state-of-the-art facelift, knowing where to look and what to look out for can make all the difference because buying refurbished equipment may be not only a cost-effective alternative in the short-term but also a secure long-term financial solution.

You may have a machine that has replacement parts that are becoming obsolete, but you don’t want to get rid of it or a need to preserve the equipment because it is that is no longer being produced. With a little research, there are certified refurbished experts, licensed distributors, or original equipment manufacturers available out there who are more than capable of offering you solutions that are specific to your needs.

Refurbished Does Not Mean Not As Good

Common misconceptions about purchasing refurbished electrical components are that people believe that because components are often sold at reduced prices, it means they are reduced in performance. This is in fact not the case at all. An electrical component that has undergone comprehensive re-manufacturing and testing process according to all OEM specifications can be restored to a perfect working condition enough that an untrained eye would believe it is brand new. This ensures that refurbished electrical components can continue to function without any hiccups and failure rates that are significantly reduced since it has been tested.

It’s not to mean that those with an inclination toward newer technology than what is currently available in the refurbished equipment market shouldn’t go for the surplus electrical components. In fact, buying new is ideal for those who do not have any financial constraints for this type of purchase.

On the other hand, reconditioning electrical components, otherwise known as refurbishing, electrical components, does indeed, save money, time, and it also extends the components lifespan. In addition to that, by giving electrical components an update, electronics manufacturers reduce e-waste and can keep electronic waste out of landfills. Electronic waste has become a growing concern over the recent past following the exponential growth of the global market of electrical and electronic equipment.

Testing Procedures

It is also important to mention that while original equipment manufacturers OEM are only obligated to batch test their products, reconditioning or refurbishing standards require 100% device testing, a process that follows the following stringent procedures:

  • Conduct an initial test
  • Strip, inspect, and clean the electrical device
  • Replace and recondition worn or damaged electrical components
  • Reassemble
  • Perform verification test
  • Document and finally certify

Saving Money When Possible

If you intend on buying new, more expensive equipment but cannot afford it, purchasing a refurbished electrical component or a piece of newly refurbished equipment may be your best bet.

Learn more about J & P Electrical Company and their vast line of new, surplus, and refurbished industrial electrical components including: circuit breakers, bus ducts, bus plugs, disconnects, fuses, panel switches, tap boxes, and transformers at  To contact one of our product reconditioning specialists call 877.844.5514 today.

Purchasing Reconditioned Electrical Supplies

Making sure that proper electrical supplies are used in any kind of electrical repairs or upgrades around your home or business it is important to get the optimal result. It is nearly impossible to replace electrical supplies that are well used when equipment is older as the replacement parts have become obsolete.  When you aren’t able to find new electrical components for older equipment the best and only way to navigate is with refurbished electrical components.

Needing Parts for Older Equipment

When you have obsolete circuit breakers, bus ducts, transformers, switches, and any other supplies that are no longer viable you run the risk of ending up with an electrical problem that could be dangerous.  However if you are unable to find the parts new that could be a problem.  This is why companies specialize in reconditioning obsolete electrical components.  Reconditioned electrical supplies need to meet the quality standards that will ensure peace of mind when any types of electrical repairs are done inside your home or business.

There are many cases of electrical issues that are caused by worn electrical supplies and this is not something that should be happening with options available such as reconditioning obsolete or used electrical components.  This is the main reason why such a large number of facilities look into refurbished electrical components when electrical work is done.

Safety Matters

Any work that is related to electricity needs to be taken seriously if you are to get the most reliable results when you get it done.  This is definitely important and it will ensure that you can create a very safe environment for your home or place of business.  Proper electrical components and supplies can mean the difference between a safe place and one that is a constant risk.

Finding The Right Fit

Finding the best possible refurbished transformers, circuit breakers, switchboards, disconnects, and fuses are definitely an essential part of repairing equipment electrical components and electrical repairs.  Quality refurbished electrical components provide the best outcome and help you avoid any dangerous setups that could cause fires and damage to your equipment at home or in your office.

A large inventory of refurbished electrical components is available online at You will find that the prices and the number of available products match the quality that you can expect from every purchase. Fast, reliable and packed with the features you need for a truly successful result. Reliability, durability, and quality are the main reasons why this is the best place to shop for electrical supplies.

Learn more about J & P Electrical Company and their vast line of new, surplus, and refurbished industrial electrical components including: circuit breakers, bus ducts, bus plugs, disconnects, fuses, panel switches, tap boxes, and transformers at  To contact one of our product reconditioning specialists call 877.844.5514 today.

How to use Bus Ducts & Plugs in an Industrial Setting

During the construction of commercial buildings or factories, there are many things to consider.  The most important one is wiring and distribution of electricity. The contractors have to assure that electricity is equally distributed in the area so that every machine and room will get equal voltage for the best performance.

There are two ways used to distribute the wiring. The first one is using the strips and bars to attach the wires to the walls and keep them organized. It might be good for the small companies but it causes issues in proper distribution of wiring. That is why bus ducts are the perfect solution and here is how you can use the system.

Distribute the wiring

One of the biggest benefits of using bus ducts is that you can easily distribute the wiring in the industrial setting. The wires will be evenly distributed and you will not have to worry about the shortage of wire in any room. You will not have to buy extra wires because you will get the perfect estimation of the length of wire you require.

Improve performance

The bus ducts will help you to enhance the performance of the overall commercial building. It will prevent the short circuit and the uneven distribution of the voltage because the high-tech plugs have been developed with special breakers and inspections systems. It means that you will never have to worry about the shortage of electricity or sudden loss of voltage.

Economical means of using more electricity

The best thing about the bus plugs is that that they are very cost-effective.

  • You might have to invest a huge amount while buying the plugs but once they are installed you will not have to worry about the worrying system ever again.
  • It is a one-time investment that will serve you for a long time.
  • You will be able to use more electricity as well as you can save a decent amount on the electricity bills.

Technical transformation

Bus plugs will technically transform the industrial setting. If you want to add more wiring to the office you can connect them with your bus ducts and enhance the coverage that it is providing in the commercial building.

Protective coverage

In case your industrial setting is in the humid area where rainfall is common you will have to suffer from the moisture in the walls and ceiling. It means that when the water reaches wires it might cause issues. However, the bus ducts and bus plugs will provide the perfect protective covering to the wires and their joints.

Bottom line

There are several types of bus plugs and ducts available in the market. Make sure that you buy the quality items so they will serve you for a long time. Compare the features and rates of different products available in the market. It will give you the perfect idea that which item is the best for you.

Learn more about J & P Electrical Company and their vast line of new, surplus, and refurbished industrial electrical components including: circuit breakers, bus ducts, bus plugs, disconnects, fuses, panel switches, tap boxes, and transformers at  To contact one of our product reconditioning specialists call 877.844.5514 today.

Replacement Parts for Medical Equipment

Many different types of medical items are used on a large scale.  It is important to keep these medical devices in good condition.  There are many companies that sell refurbished medical equipment along with replacement parts that are commonly needed during times of failure.  These companies help make sure that users can continue to use them with ease and that they remain safe from problems.   It is important to choose a reputable and reliable dealer in order to get linear accelerator and radiation oncology replacement parts.

Components to repair and maintain other types of medical equipment are also available from these companies often along with a number of other medical supplies to choose from.  Medical facilities should work directly with suppliers of replacement parts for medical equipment. This helps to ensure that they have access to parts and services when and if a piece of equipment fails.

Many companies have online modes that are helpful in making selections of the types of things that are needed to fix and maintain medical equipment, including linear accelerators and other types of radiation oncology equipment.

  • There are a number of companies that work to provide replacement parts for medical equipment however only a few of them specialize in providing high quality, user friendly, low cost parts and support for linear accelerators and various types of radiation equipment.
  • When you are using medical equipment on a daily basis it is important that you set up a service schedule that helps to maintain them to ensure that they run for an extended period of time.
  • Servicing of medical equipment is needed on a regular basis to keep the equipment ready for use, safe from germs, and maintained. Professional medical service technicians can ensure that your equipment is in proper working order.
  • Medical equipment can be quite costly to repair therefore it is better to keep equipment in proper working order and maintained to prevent it from needing to be repaired.
  • It is not necessary to purchase new radiation equipment just because the older equipment has problems. Most of the time simple tweaks and upgrades can allow an older piece of machine to run that service technicians can easily perform allowing the machine to run like new again.

Facilities can use radiation oncology replacement parts in order to make sure that your machines can work normally. These types of parts are high in demand and used on a large scale in medical field. There are many makers of these types of parts in the medical field.  These offers are helpful in making selection for the best dealer.

Service providers can compare offers from makers of these things and get the desired things from your chosen dealer. Online websites allow medical facilities to compare the items at any time and place order to get them. They can check payment options on internet through which you can get the desired things at the desired places with special discounts.

Learn more about Radparts and the variety of services and parts they offer to repair medical equipment including: linear accelerators parts, CT scanners parts, linac parts, and radiation oncology equipment at  To contact one of our medical equipment repair specialists for parts or service call toll free 877.704.3838 for 24/7/365 support.

Recovering Electrical Parts and Components

Closing an industrial plant can be quiet the process.  It is emotionally tiring, mentally draining and physically exhausting.  Aside from the physical activities and inventories that need to be closed, plant owners are plagued with the burden of what to do with the industrial surplus equipment and surplus electrical components that essentially make up the interior of the plant itself.  Fortunately for owners of these industrial plants with a surplus of used industrial electrical equipment and components there are companies that work to salvage and recondition parts and equipment to like new condition with a process known as refurbishing.

Companies that refurbish electrical components often have a division within their company that has an asset management division which focuses on the complete tear down and recovery of electrical equipment and components.  These companies have professional individuals who are trained on how to recondition the parts that are previously used and operated.

Reconditioning of electrical components and machinery involves taking apart the piece, cleaning it, replacing worn parts, lubricating moving components, re-assembling, and testing to ensure the quality of the refurbished equipment and components to assure they are operating as if they were new.  The parts that have been recovered and resold from a company other than the original manufacturer are called surplus components.

People are often confused and have a difference of opinions on these reconditioned or refurbished electrical components.  However, companies that sell industrial surplus electrical components ensure that they are high quality, fully functioning components that are as safe and reliable as their original electrical counterparts.

A myth that circulates is that there is a great risk tangled with buying refurbished parts however more often than not provided that the recovered surplus part is reassembled by a guaranteed company and is assured that these can outlive their original counterparts. A few in the industrial set up also believe that at times these refurbished electrical parts are higher in quality than the original due to the rigorous testing and analysis that they went through during the electrical recovery process.

Electrical surplus component recovery companies start by first assessing the condition of the electrical component parts.  Afterwards they are trained on how to begin the refurbishing process of tearing down the component, cleaning each part, inspecting it, repairing what needs to be done, test it, and mark it for sale as refurbished.  If certain parts on components need to be replaced due to worn-out issues they are immediately replaced and tested.  Each part is painted and re-assembled.  Paint selection is also important as it provides durability and protection to these electrical components.     Equipment is finally complete and ready for usage after it passes all the thorough testing and critical analysis.  These companies should be able to provide valued electrical recovery products to keep it working efficiently and to also provide safety when operators will start to use them.

It is vital to purchase only refurbished electrical parts from a trusted company that has a considerable reputation and extensive knowledge on how to recondition electrical components.  It is a must that this company has a guaranteed procedure and complete track record of providing only the quality reconditioned products that are expected.  Pricing varies among companies and it is imperative to ask for their refurbishing policy so you may gain enough confidence on which company to purchase refurbished electrical components and equipment from.

Learn more about J & P Electrical Company and their vast line of new, surplus, and refurbished industrial electrical components including: circuit breakers, bus ducts, bus plugs, disconnects, fuses, panel switches, tap boxes, and transformers at  To contact one of our product reconditioning specialists call 877.844.5514 today.

The Benefits of Using Refurbished Industrial Electrical Components

There are many types of refurbished industrial electrical components including breaker panels, line switches, bus ducts, bus plugs, fuses, transformers, circuit boards, etc. that are durable and available for purchase.

It will amaze you to know that many individuals and businesses can benefit from buying refurbished industrial electrical components instead of purchasing new equipments. The term “refurbished” is just used to explain that the equipment has been formerly sold and made new again to be resold again. A great deal of contentment has been seen by the users of refurbished electrical products because it helps them to save a considerable amount of money.

Possibly the biggest benefit of buying refurbished industrial electrical equipment is the affordability to business owners and individuals equally. Regardless of the task, whether a home appliance repair or industrial-grade breakdown, it is advisable to search for high quality and affordable refurbished electrical components. Regardless of the electrical problem you are facing the same rules are applicable, seek out affordable, high quality equipment.

Suppliers of industrial components that have been used and refurbished have been a common and reliable source for many years now. Many buyers choose to buy these types of products not just because of quality, but for the affordability and availability of these alternatives.

High Quality: Perhaps a part might look new, but that doesn’t guarantee that you will get a high quality component. Refurbished components undergo several rigorous overhauling processes and they are always tested to reach and sometimes surpass companies UL certification.

Affordability: Most people are searching for inexpensive electrical components to buy that will serve the purpose of purchase and still not put a hole in their pocket. Brand new products may seem perfect but considering the cost and lifespan many buyers will choose to go for refurbished components.

Availability:  This is one of the main reasons why the sale of refurbished electrical components increased greatly in the past few years. Industrial products are always manufactured to serve for a long time. Sometimes it is hard to see suppliers who have new components in stock for older products. It is also very expensive if you choose to always upgrade large equipment to the newest version and sometimes needless as the lifespan of the equipment is far from getting to its peak. Refurbished electrical components are available in clutch as soon as you notice that new parts are out of date.

Alternatives: Whenever any equipment becomes faulty the company loses money. Nobody wants to be in the process of production and unable to repair faulty electrical equipments. Using refurbished components creates variety of alternatives for you at anytime within the refurbished electrical component company. Several refurbished components dealer will have them available or help you in finding the component you really want at an affordable cost with instant availability.

Both companies and individuals save time and money when they buy quality refurbished industrial electrical components.

Learn more about J & P Electrical Company and their vast line of new, surplus, and refurbished industrial electrical components including: circuit breakers, bus ducts, bus plugs, disconnects, fuses, panel switches, tap boxes, and transformers at  To contact one of our product reconditioning specialists call 877.844.5514 today.

What Happens After an Industrial Plant Closes

In any competitive economy there is no guarantee that a plant that established itself well in the market will not close down. If the owners of these plants are faced with the reality that their operating and fixed costs can now not be met by the present standard and variety of products they produce, they realize it may be time to shut the doors.

What next?  Industrial plants that close their doors often need to dismantle equipment and electrical components to prepare the building itself for sale.  When this occurs plant owners often seek out companies whose business is refurbishing electrical machinery and the industrial electrical components within the plant itself.  This way the plant is dismantled properly and used electrical components can be salvaged and refurbished for sale.

Proper disposal of industrial surplus is important not only for our environment but also for commerce.  Purchasing OEM electrical components costs upward of fifty percent more than refurbished.  This means that business owners searching to stay competitive in the market can choose this avenue to repair and maintain their equipment.  Budgeting is always a large concern for companies so any manner in which money can be saved without cutting corners is valued.  Using refurbished electrical components helps.

When a plant closes a team of industrial asset recovery experts goes in and evaluates the components that are within the building.  They work to dismantle components and equipment that is salvageable and will be able to be refurbished and resold.  The pieces are then are taken back to go through the process of reconditioning.

The refurbishing process is quite complex.  The product is not merely cleaned; it is completely broken down, examined, put back together and tested to ensure that it is in proper working order.  Electrical surplus plant clean outs allows plant owners to properly dispose of electrical assets within the plant which is profitable and environmentally friendly.

For more information on asset recovery and industrial surplus plant clean out talk to a specialist in electrical component refurbishment.  They will walk you through the process to ensure that your plant is thoroughly cleaned out, electrical components are properly “disposed” of and that the plant can be properly put on the market for resale.

Learn more about J & P Electrical Company and their vast line of new, surplus, and refurbished industrial electrical components including: circuit breakers, bus ducts, bus plugs, disconnects, fuses, panel switches, tap boxes, and transformers at  To contact one of our product reconditioning specialists call 877.844.5514 today.